Frequently Asked Questions

What Does A Roof Do?

Roofs are responsible for the covering the top of a building or structure. Conventional roofs are used for keeping weather out and with things like loft insulation keeping the warmth in your home or business also. Structures require roofs to guard them from the rain and other weather that would make day to day life more difficult. For this reason roofs need to be strong and rugged. That’s why you’ll find most roofs come with 20/25 year guarantees.

How Does A Chimney Work?

Chimneys use a lot more science than you might think. With the fundamental knowledge that hot air rises above cold air the movement of hot gases created traditionally from fires creates a pressure difference between the flue and the room containing the chimney. This create what’s known as a drought which feeds cold air past the fire thus fueling the fires need for oxygen.

What Are The Best Type Of Gutters?

Guttering is the trough attached to the bottom of your roof used to collect rainwater that drips from your roof and move it down into your drains. This direction of rain away from the base of a building protects the structure and keeps the building or structure safe. Guttering is easily replaced and repaired just give us a call and we can come and quote you on any work you need doing there’s never a job too big or too small.


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